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Nearly 450 models have signed up to live jasmin in the past 6 months of 2015 alone. We never had such high number since the creation of the live cam website jasmin in the summer of 2004.While competition traffic rankings have plummeted to record lows. We will now reveal the most searched models of the year. We can tell you that the top model of the year was the very cute, colombian stunner Daniella. She is only 19 years old, fresh faced, sweet, but real dynamite in front of the camera when she puts on a show for your enjoyment. Second spot on our chart, it goes to the lovely Sophia, she is slightly older than Daniella, 23 years old, with a rocking body. A pair of natural boobs that will literally blow you away. They sit firm and high up, while the tshirt is still on you wonder, are these real? Once you see them there is no more doubt, these babies are as real as it gets
Chat With The Livejazmin Models Top 10 all time biggest earners in our record breaking year. The results are in and we are up 7.8% year on year. read on for our webcan countdown. The cute Mariel took number 10 position. The always sexy Yaya still in our top ten this year, with her stunning curves and big fanbase. At number the very mainstream and reality TV star Jade the magnificent British girl. This Londoner has made a big splash since bursting onto the scene. Everybody seams to adore her milky white skin and melt in your mouth accent.

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Pop superstar asked to leave religious site after "mooning" security guard.

Pop star Mark price was caught "mooning"police officers this morning while he was visiting a religious site with his openly gay boyfriend Justin. Mark and Justin had spend some time in the bathroom earlier on, licking each other clean, swallowing all that came out of each others bodies with obvious glee and eagerness. Later on, after having a big breakfast of pancake, fresh fruits and tea they left for an early visit to the new mall around the corner. First stop was the awesome Nike shop, Mick looked around for a pair of Yeezys but of course they were no where to be seen. He also fancied having a look at the new Omega watches, gay guys love Omega, amd he had made quite a bit of cash by doing live gay webcam show.

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